Wild Foods

Introduction to Wild Foods

Tropical rainforest near Cairns, QLD.

What can we learn from the World’s longest living culture?

Can you remember the foods and their distribution, seasonality and preparation that your great grand-parents ate?

Do you know the wild medicines that can be sourced for headache, toothache, ear infections, burns, cuts and scrapes, insect bites, snake bites, serious wounds or injuries that will not stop bleeding or infections that just will not heal and ulcerate, stomach upsets, constipation, sprained joints … the list goes on?

It is the fact that Indigenous Australians could remember encyclopedic volumes  of cross-generational information that suggests we miss out on an intellectual capacity only possible because of the quality of their nutrition.

In Wild Foods, I also address our mis-management of the environment; the consequences of falling biodiversity of resource; the challenge of global warming; and how we might feed ourselves in years to come.

I hope that you come on this journey with me and interact through the blogs on this site. I’ll answer any questions you might have or address points you make. The themes I bring together along with my co-authors in later sections, are games in play and if we choose to find solutions then there is every hope that non-indigenous Australians and people of other cultures who are recent immigrants to their lands, might survive somewhere near the 60,000 years of the world record holders to date.

Thanks for visiting this website and if you have a copy of my book, thank you for that investment of time and money too. I do hope that the community we might build can embrace some of the disruptive concepts in the book and together we get to change the world, improve our nutrition and create some waves with the politicians, drug peddlers, amoral corporations and other criminals who have moved us towards the brink of our extinction for their own personal gain or that of their associates or shareholders.